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Modern leathers require different care products than old leathers and therefore do not have to be treated with oily products. Normal care creams and leather care products can remain on the surface of the leather and attract dust and dirt. Dr Leather products have been specially developed for modern leather to clean and protect the surface and to bring back the "new leather smell".

Dr Leathers leather cleaner is well known in the reprocessing scene. It stands for uncompromising cleaning performance without running the risk of damaging or drying out the sensitive leather surface. The popular cleaner is available as a practical spray formula in various sizes and as a disposable wipe for on the go.

What is special about Dr Leathers disposable wipes is the synthetic microfibre cloth, which has been pre-impregnated with the cleaner and is used to apply the cleaner, but at the same time acts as a full-fledged microfiber cloth and immediately removes any soiling and gently removes it from the leather surface.

A high performance leather sealant that is applied to the leather surface. It reduces the contamination rates, makes cleaning easier and, above all, prevents dyes from penetrating into lighter leather.

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