Soft99 is the legendary cult brand from Japan. Soft99 has been on the market for over 65 years with its products not only to recognize and serve the needs of today's customers but also tomorrow's trends. This is what makes the brand so successful and popular in Japan and now also in Europe.

Years of experience combined with Japanese technology and future-oriented visions resulted in the convincing Fusso Coat and Glaco product lines. The professional area is served by the product lines G-zox and QJUTSU, which mainly consist of ceramic coatings for a variety of surfaces. But not only the professional products are highly valued. The private customer line is also used with conviction by processors.

Soft99 has always been committed to the values ??of transparency, responsibility and perfectionism. These values ??form the basis for all strategies in the area of ??product development. Every product is extensively tested and subjected to strict quality controls. This is the only way to ensure that the customer receives a technologically mature, perfectly functioning product. Soft99 has set itself one of the most restrictive regulations for this in order to be able to maintain the high standard of its products. In cooperation with the Japan Industrial Standard Committee, the standard for industry is reviewed and successfully integrated into every product.

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