From now on (and until canceled), we reward each (constructive) valuation with money as credit directly on the customer account.

In order to offer all our customers an even better shopping experience, we would be pleased if you share your experiences with our products. Whether a criticism or an improvement proposal, we are always receptive to constructive feedback.

Your rating is worth real money! From now on, you will be credited directly to your customer account (after the successful activation of the valuation). You can redeem this amount immediately on your next order. Unfortunately a cash payment is not possible.

For all chatting bags we have divided our system into two stages:

A maximum of 10 Euros per month is possible per customer account!

  • Level I
    • An item evaluation with a maximum length of 250 characters is rewarded with a credit note of 0,20 Euro
  • Level II
    • An item evaluation with a text length of at least 250 characters is rewarded with a credit note of 0,50 Euro

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