Vonixx - Blend Carnauba Silica Spray Wax

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Concerned about making a product that provides the Carnauba wax shine and resistance of Coatings. Vonixx thought about gathering these two raw materials in one formula: Blend Carnauba Silica Spray Wax.

Manufactured and formulated 100% in Brazil after months of research and hundreds of tests, it contains the purest Type 1 Brazilian Carnauba Wax plus SiO2 in a spray version that makes it very easy to apply and easy to remove! Maintains the gloss in the vehicle's paint and gives a protection for up to four months. Recommended using it after the complete wash of the vehicle. Blend Spray Wax can also be used as maintenance for the paste Wax to achieve even better results.

  • It has high hydrophobic power
  • Adds protection
  • Quick detail wax
  • Spray on and wipe off
  • Protection for up to four months

Inhalt: 473 ml

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