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Kwazar - Venus Super HD Foamer alka line, 2L

Kwazar - Venus Super HD Foamer alka line, 2L

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Super HD Alkaline Serie - more powerful piston seals inside

Venus Super Foamer with a capacity of 2 liters is designed for applications foaming agents. It is used in car washes and garages, particularly in the initial washing cars or cleaning the rims and engine compartments. Can also be used for spot cleaning of building facades. It is also very helpful in gastronomy for cleaning combi steamers, ovens, tables, butchers, or cold, as well as in the building industry (applying means for removing concrete) and road industry (cleaning signs and other road equipment). Ideally suited for companies providing cleaning services, as well as household chores such as washing windows, mirrors, garden infrastructure and any other surfaces that require using of chemicals in the form of foam.