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Dodo Juice - Furry Liquid Microfibre Wash 500ml

Dodo Juice - Furry Liquid Microfibre Wash 500ml

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Standard laundry detergents do an adequate job of cleaning microfibre cloths, but detailing microfibres can get far dirtier than standard laundry. Tar deposits, road grime, wax residue… all are more stubborn than regular contaminants. Dodo Juice Furry Liquid is a dedicated detailing microfibre detergent that is fortified with APC (All Purpose Cleaner) ingredients to boost cleaning power. After the wash it then rinses out thoroughly to help reduce filament tangling and ensure that the fabric works as effectively as possible. Do not use a fabric softener or conditioner afterwards – a 30 or 40 degree wash with 30-50ml of Furry Liquid will normally suffice. Rub Furry Liquid neat into stubborn stains for heavier cleaning – and hand wash with it if you don’t have a washing machine.
GHS05 Danger