CarPro arrived

20.07.2018 14:50

The delivery of CarPro has reached us today. CarPro does not offer any new products except for the C.Quartz UK 3.0, which was already included in the last delivery. The Perl Applicator has been changed in appearance and meanwhile almost all products carry the new logo of CarPro.

C.Quartz UK 3.0 back in stock.
DLUX back in stock.
Eraser in 500ml, 1L, 4L back in stock.
Iron.X in 500ml and 1L back in stock.
ReLoad 500ml ist back in stock.
ClearCut 250ml back in stock.
Essence 250ml back in stock.
Essence Plus 250ml back in stock.
SkysBLU Car Perfume back in stock.
Microfiber Detailing Gloves back in stock.

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